A plumber cost to fix a pipe may not cheap. However, you'll benefit from collecting several quotations for serious repairs, which can cost anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. If you have the time before the situation worsens or creates substantial problems, that is.

Plumber Cost to Fix a Pipe

2022 The following below are national average to repair pipe costs for several types of pipe problems:

Fixing a burst pipe: $400 - $1,500

Unfreezing frozen pipes: $200

Repair a pinhole leak: $150 - $240

Replacing a water main line: $2,000 - $3,000

Just replace the problem area of the water line: $500 - $1,000


Plumbing systems are subjected to normal wear and tear. As a homeowner, you're likely to experience one;


Leaks can occur in both supply and drain lines on occasion. Repairing a p-trap might be as inexpensive as $100. The typical cost of a more serious supply line leak is $500.

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is usually caused by an impediment that prevents water from flowing freely. In most cases, a plumber can snake out simply the clogged drain for roughly $150.

Faucet Repair Or Replacement

The internal components of a dripping faucet may need to be changed. A plumber will charge between $100 and $150 to complete this task. Replacement installation costs roughly $300, plus the cost of a new faucet, if the faucet has deteriorated too severely.


You should anticipate to pay between $500 and $1,000 for a major backup involving many drains and the main home drain pipe, depending on the severity. This is particularly common in older homes with outdated sewer systems. The expense of repairing or replacing severely damaged sewer pipes can run into the thousands of dollars. For this type of project, you'll probably want to get a couple bids from different plumbers.

Toilet Repair or Replacement

The intermittent running water in the toilet is not only annoying, but also it costs $200 to fix. If the toilet itself is the problem, expect to pay about $500 plus the cost of a new toilet to replace it.

Sump Pump Repair Or Replacement

Sump pump replacement is a common solution to sump pump problems. There aren't a lot of moving pieces. When they fail, the pump is usually rendered useless. In most cases, the cost of installing a new pump is under $500.

Repairing Plumbing Appliances

Appliance repairs and installations can cost anything from $150 to $400. The cost will vary depending on whether the appliance requires a simple repair, a connection, or a complete re-installation.


Plumber Cost To Fix a Pipe

The cost of repairing pipes is determined by the type of damage, accessibility, location of the pipe, material, and the contractor's hourly rate.

Consider the notes below:

  • Plumbers generally charge more If the damaged pipe isn't easily accessible, such as one in your basement. If they have to remove any drywall or dig a trench in your yard to get to the pipe or sewage line, that will be an extra, and frequently expensive fee.
  • Your pipes could be damaged in a variety of ways, and the cost of repairing them will vary as well. It will be significantly more expensive to replace a water main than to repair a small pinhole.
  • To repair pipes, most plumbers charge by the hour plus materials. Some, on the other hand, charge a set fee for certain services, such as unfreezing frozen pipes. Some plumbers charge various hourly rates depending on the difficulty of the job.